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We can make extensive types of chemical reactors, sorted as volume, including lab reactors, pilot reactors, and industrial reactors. Especially good at designing and producing high-pressure reactors, hydrogenation reactorscladding plate reactors ,Reactor system , and other customized reactors with special features.
Porducts' General Description
The maximum volume of the reactor fabricated and delivered by the WHGCM is 30m ³, the most extreme pressure is 52MPa, and the vacuum -0.09MPa. The shaft seal is optional for magnetic seal, packing seal, or mechanical seal.
The warming techniques incorporate infrared electric warming, coat circling steam/heat conduction oil warming, heat conduction oil electric warming, and so on.

The kettle body could be made from 06Cr18Ni9 (S30408), 022Cr17Ni14Mo2 (S31603), 06Cr18Ni11Ti (S32168), and endlessly nickel amalgams can be made by the necessities of various media, Hastelloy, titanium, zirconium, their cladding plates, lined PTFE or lined Ni.
The reactor's kettle is fixed or splashed with tetrafluoride and different composite materials, and the development of a high-pressure response pot and fermentor, taking care of the tank, heat exchanger, homogeneous reactor, and non-standard substance equipment made of tempered steel and carbon steel. 
Weihai Global Chemical Machinery MFG Co., Ltd.( WHGCM ) is a chemical reactors fabricator. 
It has been established since 2010 with the enrolled capital of the organization is 30 million CNY ( 4.4 Million USD), located at 200 Shanhai Rd, high-tech Zone, Weihai City, Shandong Province, China. 


Facilities covers an area over 50,000 square meters and two steel structure factories with  28,000 sqm, and an office building with 45,000 sqm in front of the factories. 
The organization is outfitted with a plasma cutting machine, inverter DC welding machine, DC argon curve welding machine, lowered circular segment programmed welding machine, plate winding machine, terminal dryer, shearing machine, blemish recognition room, review, and testing hardware, metal cutting machine devices and other gear and tooling; the welding lab, welding material distribution center, X-beam openness room and tension test region for pressure vessel producing consent to the applicable determinations and norms.
60 sets of manufacturing equipments , 20 sets of welding machines , as well as a pack1 of testing machines.

QC and Certificates

The manufacturer is certificated with all kinds of certificates, including ASME U certificate, A2 grade pressure vessel administration certificate, ISO9001, CE certificate, Germany EPR certificate, and EAC DOC , and 15 patents.
They are laid out under the organization's reactor and pressure vessel's fabricating quality framework, assets, offices, and quality framework to meet all the certificates' necessities.


We have a team of engineers including 24 designers (five senior engineers, five moderate specialists, and fourteen junior specialists), 12 quality staff, and 16 technical personnel, led by experts with more than 40 years of working experience to provide solutions for a wide range of customers. 
Manufacturing capability
Turnover is over 60 million CNY in 2022, the total production is 600 sets of chemical reactors annually.

People are working

Once you tell us the volume, temperature, pressure, and reaction medium ( or the kettle material)  of your desired chemical reactor, we will deliver the initial design of this chemical reactor to you in 24 hours.

Customer's Field

WHGCM's reactors have been generally utilized over 20 territories and China, for example, petrol, fine chemical or specialty synthetic, pharmaceutical intermediates, dyestuff, mining and metallurgy, institutes, and colleges (Branch of Science, Division of Compound Designing, Branch of Polymer, Branch of material Designing, Division of Natural and Inorganic Substance Designing).
succuss cases
WHGCM chemical reactors have been by overseas clients, including customers from the US, Australia, Canada, Israel, the Philippines, Malaysia, the Czech Republic, Russia, South Korea, Indonesia, Sweden, and over 20 nations and regions.  
WHGCM has its own import and product privileges of the free import and commodity organization.
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Service Feature

The organization's after-deals administration is excellent, quick and powerful, proficient level help, and convenient for client issues.
The organization will stick to the business reasoning of "legitimate administration", which will urge us to put forth unremitting attempts and give more consultation and qualified products from our experts and senior administrations for clients all over the world.
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