Laboratory Reactor

The fastest way to identify a laboratory reactor.

A laboratory reactor is a chemical reactor designed for research and experimental purposes that mimics the conditions and functions of industrial-scale reactors.

It is a reaction vessel for developing, optimizing, and testing against chemical reactions before scaling up to industrial production.
One quick way to identify a lab reactor is to see if its volume is less than 100 Liters.

Below listed parameters chart is for the WHGCM laboratory reactors


GSH 0.1~0.5 GSH 1~5 GSH 10~25 GSH 50~100

Volume (L)

0.1~0.5 1~5 10~25 50~100

Working pressure ( MPa)

Negative pressure ~ 52 Mpa Negative pressure ~ 20 Mpa Negative pressure ~ 15 Mpa Negative pressure ~ 10 Mpa

Working temperature ( °C )

N/A 0~600 N/A N/A

Stirring speed

20~1500 20~1500 20~800 20~800

Motor power  W


Heating power


Heating type

Electric, water recycling, thermal oil, steam, far infrared heating

Discharging type

Discharging from the top, or discharging from bottom


Self-lubricating wear-resistant sleeve, suitable for mixing various media.

Seal type

Magnetic seal, mechanical seal, packing seal.

Main material

Kettle material is mainly used 0Cr18Ni9 ( 304 ), 00Cr17Ni14Mo2 ( 316L ), and 1Cr18Ni9Ti ( 321 ). And this reactor can also be made from specialty materials including titanium ( TA2), nickel material, tantalum material, zirconium, Hastelloy, lined PTFE, and lined Ni ( Ni6 ), as per different conditions of the experiment.

Ports of kettle lid

Gas port with needle valve, liquid port with needle valve and bottom insert tube, solid feeding port with screw plug, temperature port with platinum resistance PT100, safety port with pressure gauge, burst disc or safety valve, cooling coil with faucet.

Controller Device

Equipped with PID automatic controller, the temperature control accuracy of ±1°C; With speed display and Infinitely variable speeds/ frequency speed regulation function; The heating power and heating temperature can be adjusted, can also achieve the purpose of the automatic thermostat.

Other accessories

If the user has other special requirements on kettle nozzle and kettle body opening, internal structure, stirring paddle style, and other supporting devices ( such as condensate refluxing unit, constant feeding tank, receiver, condenser, etc.), we can manufacture reactors according to clients' requirements.
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